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Walking and biking trails and bridges contribute to an overall enhanced quality of life in our communities.

What is Sustainable Building?

Everyone loves getting outside and enjoying nature, and Switch Homes wants to provide our communities with easy methods of doing so. Each of our communities has a plethora of walking and biking trails within walking distance to enjoy with your family.


Get Outside and Enjoy Nature

Studies have shown that people living within half a mile of a protected bikeway get about 45 minutes more exercise per week than those living more than 2.5 miles away. Providing easy access to this relaxing form of exercise goes a long way to promoting long term health, so it’s the least we can do for our residents.


Get to Know Your Neighbors

Trails are a great way for you to get to know and bond with your neighbors as well. Seeing others while on your nightly walk and interacting with them (or their dogs!) is great for building relationships and building a sense of community. Joining others also makes exercising even easier, and our community trails help promote that sense of comradery.

Great for the Environment Too!

On top of the benefits to humans, walking and biking trails also provide ample greenspace for the natural ecosystem. Trails promote the growth of trees and other plant life, which increases air quality, soil quality, provides homes for natural wildlife, and more. Get outside and enjoy nature with your fellow neighbors and furry friends!

We love what we do, we could talk about it all day!

  • The health benefits of regular cycling include:

    1. Increased cardiovascular fitness.
    2. Increased muscle strength and flexibility.
    3. Improved joint mobility.
    4. Decreased stress levels.
    5. Improved posture and coordination.
    6. Strengthened bones.
    7. Decreased body fat levels.
    8. Prevention or management of disease.

Want to live in a neighborhood that makes it easy to stay active and get to know your neighbors?

Learn more about Switch Homes communities and be proud of where you live.

Join Switch Homes in creating sustainable communities where beauty and creativity thrive!


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