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Preservation of trees helps to improve the quality of water, soil, and helps remove pollutants from the air.

When designing and constructing our communities, Switch Homes is committed to providing homeowners with a neighborhood they can be proud to call home and contributing a negative carbon footprint to the environment. Ensuring the preservation of trees in our communities helps accomplish both of these goals.


Be Proud of Your Neighborhood

Did you know that just being around trees helps improve your happiness and reduce stress? Well, it’s true! Just being around nature and green areas helps reduce anxiety and fatigue, improve your overall mental health, and essentially increase your happiness! Every aspect of our communities are designed to increase your joy and pride regarding where you live, and trees are a great way of promoting this.


Good For You AND the Environment

In addition to improving your mood and mental health, trees are great for your physical health and the health of the environment. Trees help reduce air and noise pollution, improve the health of the surrounding soil, promote natural wildlife, and so much more. They also improve your body’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems, decrease blood pressure, and other benefits.

Trees Help Everyone

When it comes down to it, more trees means a better quality of living both for you and your family and the surrounding environment. That’s why Switch Homes has made a concerted effort to preserve trees and green spaces in our communities.

We love what we do, we could talk about it all day!

  • Trees remove air pollution by the interception of particulate matter on plant surfaces and the absorption of gaseous pollutants through the leaf stomata.


Want to reduce your carbon footprint and be proud of where you live?

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