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What Exactly Does Affordability Mean To Us?

At Switch Homes, our approach to affordability is long term. When we started designing our homes and communities, we were not just looking at helping homebuyers now, but for years to come by keeping maintenance, utilities, and other ongoing costs as low as possible. Check out how a Switch Home compares to traditional homes on the market in our affordability chart below.

What Traditional Homes Do
What We Do at Switch Homes
What It Means For You
Vinyl Siding
LP SmartSide

While vinyl siding is cost-effective in the short-term for many homeowners, it carries many long-term challenges related to durability and ongoing maintenance costs. At Switch Homes, we utilize LP SmartSide, which is specially engineered to deliver superior protection against hail, wind, moisture, mold, decay, termites, and other wear and tear that can cause more maintenance costs further down the road.

LP SmartSlide also come with a 50 year warranty to keep you and your home covered! More information can be found here:

Roof and Wall Sheathing

Traditional housewrap can tear after application, allowoing moisture to seep in and cause damage to the sheathing and other parts of the rool and walls. WeatherLogic utilizes a permanent, factory-bonded overlay that won’t tear, keeping your home dry for years to come.

It is just as easy to install as traditional housewrap, but more durable in the long-term. It also comes with a 30 year limited warranty. Learn more about WeatherLogic here:

HVAC Systems
Need Guidance
Trane XR15 Air Conditioner/Need Furance Specs

ENERGY STAR Qualified Trane air conditioners are designed to utilize less energy and run quieter compared to traditional models, saving you money on energy and utilities, and reducing noise pollution in and around the home.

With Trane, you can expect up to 41% of energy savings on a yearly basis. Learn more here:

Stone Siding and Accents
Natural Stone and Vinyl Siding
Versetta Stone

Vinyl siding shares the flaws that we covered earlier, and natural stone carries a plethora of long-term issues related to wear, maintenance, upkeep and more.

Versetta Stone uses a combination of natural stone and recycled materials to provide long lasting stone accents that can withstand up to 110mph wind gusts, built-in rain screens, moisture protection, and increased freeze/thaw performance. Learn more here:

Roof Shingles
Certainteed Landmark
Certainteed Climateflex 50 Year

Certainteed ClimateFlex shingles provide high-quality roofing with enhanced resistance to hail, winds, moisture, and other storm damage by clending rubberizing polymers with premium roofing asphalt.

ClimateFlex alos provides superior crack resistance, weatherability, shrink resistance, and cold-weather flexibility compared to standard asphalt roofing shingles. It also features Class 4 impact resistance, the highest rating available. Learn more here:

Garage and Home Design
Garage in the Front, Mass Produced Feel
Garage in Rear, Architecturally Appealing
Most homes you see being built now appear to be mass produced, all looking the exact same as their neighbor, offering little variability and identity for the homeowner.

At Switch Homes, our designs are appealing and enjoyable versus the traidtional box designs. We also build garages at the rear of the homes, maximizing use of the land by enlarging front porches and gathering areas in the front yard.
Neighborhood and Communities
Traditional blocks with few, if any features designed to fit as many homes as possible in the space
Outdoor Friendly, Ample Green Areas, Designed to Encourage Neighborhood Interaction
Switch Homes communities are intentionally positioned either in an existing community, or masterplanned beforehand to maximize green spaces such as parks, community gardens, trails, and more.

While achieving the goal of right-sized housing, we retain respect for the land and the livlihood of our residents by dedicating ample outdoor spaces rather than filling in every square foot with homes.

Join Switch Homes in creating sustainable communities where beauty and creativity thrive!


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