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Our motivation is simple: we want to change the housing industry by making affordable, right sized, and sustainable homes available to all.

We believe housing should be affordable by design and help you and your family grow, regardless of where you are at in life.

From the young couple just starting out to empty nesters looking to enjoy their retirement, we are dedicated to providing you with an environment where you and your family can flourish.

To achieve this, we develop our homes based on two main principles: designing sustainable, energy-conscious homes, and building strong, local communities.


Designing Sustainable, Energy-Conscious Homes

We cover our approach to designing and building sustainable homes here, but essentially it comes down to our dedication to providing you with durable, resilient, energy efficient, high quality homes that are built to last you and your family a lifetime. We are proud to design and build homes that:

  • Meet or exceed all ENERGY STAR requirements
  • Provide a comfortable, highly insulated indoor environment with high quality materials
  • Use state of the art ventilation systems to deliver excellent indoor air quality
  • Are built with recycled building material where practical
  • Feature highly durable exterior materials, allowing you to spend time enjoying life and not maintaining your home

When it comes down to it, we simply want to do the right thing. Not just for consumers and home buyers, but for their children, and their children’s children. We want to build homes that can be used by future generations while not contributing to a negative carbon footprint or excessive pollution, and that can be maintained affordably and easily.


Developing Strong, Local Communities

We think homeowners should be happy not only with their home, but their local neighborhood and community. You should be happy with where you live and with your neighbors; it’s important for you to be proud of your neighborhood and its character.

Our housing communities are developed with:

  • Nearby trails, bridges and bike trails
  • Community gardens
  • Ample green areas, trees and natural features
  • Property planning to give you and your family privacy while allowing organic relationships with your neighbors to develop
  • Personality

Switch Homes’ communities are not cookie cutter. We want your neighborhood to have personality and character. When you show out of town friends or family around your community, we believe you should do so proudly.

At Switch Homes, our mission is to approach home building and local communities from a holistic, sustainable, inclusive perspective.

Sounds like something you might be interested in?

Join Us In Our Journey

Join Switch Homes in creating sustainable communities where beauty and creativity thrive!


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